County of Butte Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Referendum, Measure A (June 2012)

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A County of Butte Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Referendum, Measure A ballot question was on the June 5, 2012 ballot for voters in Butte County.

On May 24, 2011, the Butte County Board of Supervisors passed Ordinance 4029. Ordinance 4029 added Chapter 34A to the Butte County Code. Chapter 34A limits the number of marijuana plants that may be grown based on the size of the property.

Opponents of Ordinance 4029 then circulated petitions to use the veto referendum process to challenge the new law. They succeeded in collecting sufficient signatures on their petitions to force the measure to a vote. This is why Measure A is on the ballot.

A "yes" vote on Measure A was a vote to uphold Ordinance 4029 (Chapter 34A). A "no" vote was a vote to overturn Ordinance 4029.

Election results

County of Butte Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Referendum
Defeatedd No26,89254.65%
Yes 22,318 45.35%
These results are from the Butte County election office



The official voter guide arguments in favor of Measure A were signed by:

  • Perry Reniff, a former sheriff in Butte County
  • Robinette Cook, 3rd District Agricultural Association
  • Tim Titus, Pradise Town Councilman
  • Bill Connelly, Butte County Supervisor

Arguments in favor

Website banner of the "Yes on A" campaign

The arguments in favor of Measure A in the official voter guide were:

  • "Measure A puts common sense limits on Marijuana growing."
  • "Like most counties in California, Butte County is struggling for compatibility and understanding of the complex "Medical Marijuana" issue. Some growers are using a loophole in the Medical Marijuana law to grow marijuana for commercial sales and in places where it causes conflict with their neighbors, businesses and schools."
  • "The Butte County Board of Supervisors passed a marijuana growing ordinance to ensure that marijuana grows are not set up in residential neighborhoods or next to schools, youth centers or churches. It also establishes a buffer zone around your home to protect you from the foul odor, dust, noise and artificial lighting that is often part of growing marijuana."
  • "This ordinance is really quite simple. It mandates marijuana growers to obey similar land use rules that farmers must adhere to. Measure A requires growers to grow their marijuana in a way that does not disturb their neighbors or prevent them from enjoying their property in a peaceful and quiet manner. Measure A is about creating some simple rules about where you may grow Marijuana and how you may grow it."
  • "Measure A simply requires that marijuana growers follow the same rules and regulations that other farmers are required to abide by."



The official voter guide arguments opposing Measure A were signed by:

  • Robert W. MacKenzie
  • Andy Holcombe, a member of the Chico City Council
  • Philip Seals, a disabled American combat veteran
  • Raymond J. Diepenbrock, a disabled American combat veteran

Arguments against

The arguments opposing Measure A in the official voter guide were:

  • "Measure A would drastically cut back your private property rights, by authorizing police to trespass on your land. Butte County has already banned medical cannabis dispensaries. Medical cannabis patients only have limited options: grow your own, have a caregiver grow it for you, or join a collective. Measure A would ban the cultivation of medical cannabis on parcels of V2 acre and smaller."
  • "Cannabis provides undeniable medical benefits to a large number of people. Scientific research has proven cannabinoids effective in limiting the growth of and in shrinking cancerous tumors, staving off Alzheimer's, reducing pain, treating weight loss associated with AIDS, and reducing the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. In 2009, the American Medical Association stated that cannabis has medical benefits and requested that the federal government reclassify cannabis, to promote more scientific research. Many people with serious illnesses cannot tolerate prescription drug side effects."
  • "Measure A would prevent many qualified patients from legally obtaining the medication they need, forcing them to buy their medicine on the black market. This would simply enrich the foreign drug cartels which grow marijuana on public land."
  • "Measure A would authorize the Sheriffs Office to conduct repeated warrantless trespasses to check for a medical cannabis grow on your private property. To grow medical cannabis on a 1.5 acre parcel or greater, you would have to file a copy with Butte County of every medical card for every patient for whom you grow cannabis and every caregiver who tends cannabis plants on your property. Why should anyone have to file their medical records with Butte County?"
  • "Say No to more government intrusion. Don't let Butte County limit your health care options. Protect your current right to grow medical cannabis on your land for you and your family."

Ballot text

The question on the ballot:

MEASURE A: "Shall the Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance, Ordinance Number 4029, be adopted?"[1]

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