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Courts in Illinois

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More information on Illinois's state courts:
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Federal courts

Courts in Illinois include the state court system and three federal district courts. Illinois only has three branches of state courts, since they are all unified into one state system.

The structure of Illinois's state court system.

Appellate Courts

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Illinois Supreme Court

The supreme court is the court of last resort in the state of Illinois. There are seven justices serving five districts.

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Illinois Appellate Court

The appellate courts are the intermediate appellate courts in the state. These courts have 24 judges and hear appeals from the circuit courts.

Trial Courts

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Illinois Circuit Court

The circuit court is the only level of trial court in the state. It is split into 24 districts.[1]

Federal courts

The federal district courts in Illinois are the:

They are part of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.


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