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Courts in Louisiana

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More information on Louisiana's state courts:
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Federal courts
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Courts in Louisiana are made up of Louisiana's state court system and three federal district courts.

The structure of Louisiana's state court system.

Appellate Courts

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Louisiana Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the court of last resort in the state. It has seven justices and is divided into seven districts.[1]

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Louisiana Courts of Appeal

The Courts of Appeals is made of up five circuits. Further, each of those circuit are divided into three districts. The court's circuit hears cases in panels of at least three judges. This court serves as the intermediate appellate court in Louisiana.[1]

Trial Courts

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The trial courts in the state all have jurisdictions that overlap with other courts. For a chart explaining this, visit: The Guide to Louisiana Courts, Where to find court cases in Louisiana

The Louisiana District Courts are the general trial courts in the state. It has original jurisdiction in all criminal and civil matters. The courts are divided into 40 districts, with at least one judge serving each one.[1]

The Louisiana Family Court, located in East Baton Rouge Parish, has original jurisdiction over domestic relations cases, including those involving divorce, annulment, child custody and support, and division of community property.[2]

The Louisiana Juvenile Courts have original jurisdiction regarding cases involving minors.[2]

The jurisdiction of the Louisiana Parish Courts varies by parish. To some extent, they are lower level District Courts.[2]

The jurisdiction of the Louisiana City Courts varies by municipality. According to, "Criminal cases generally handled by City Courts include crimes not punishable by hard labor and cases that do not require a trial by jury."[3]

The Louisiana Municipal Courts have jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances.[2]

The Louisiana Justice of the Peace Courts have jurisdiction over both criminal and civil matters that vary by court.[2]

The Louisiana Mayor’s Courts have jurisdiction over traffic and local ordinance violations. Increasingly, this level of court is merging with the City Courts.[2] [4]

Federal courts

There are three federal courts in Louisiana, divided by district:

These courts are part of the Fifth Circuit.

Each federal district court has an associated bankruptcy court:

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