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Courts in Tennessee

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More information on Tennessee's state courts:
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Federal courts

Courts in Tennessee consist of the state court system and six federal courts.

The Tennessee state court system consists of appellate courts, trial courts of general jurisdiction and trial courts of limited jurisdiction.

The structure of Tennessee's state court system.

Appellate Courts

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Tennessee Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the state's court of last resort. It hears appeals from lower courts and interprets the laws of the state Constitution.

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Tennessee Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals is one of two intermediate appellate courts in the state. It hears civil case appeals from lower courts.

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals

The Court of Criminal Appeals is the other intermediate appellate court in the state; it hears appeals on criminal cases.[1]

Trial Courts

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The 95 counties in Tennessee are divided into 31 judicial districts.

Tennessee Chancery Courts

The Chancery Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction. They share jurisdiction with the Circuit Courts.

Tennessee Circuit Court

The Circuit Court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases. Circuit Courts hear criminal cases in districts that do not have separate Criminal Courts.

Tennessee Criminal Court

There are Criminal Courts in thirteen judicial districts in the state. These courts have jurisdiction over criminal matters.

Tennessee Probate Court

The Probate Courts are located in Davidson and Shelby counties. It has jurisdiction over probate of wills and administration of estates.

Courts of limited jurisdiction

Tennessee General Sessions Court

The General Sessions Courts have limited jurisdiction that varies by county.

Tennessee Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court has exclusive jurisdiction in cases involving minors.

Tennessee Municipal Court

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances.

Federal courts

There are six federal courts in Tennessee:

Appeals from these courts are heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

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