Crescent City Recall of Council Members, California, 2010

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An effort to recall several members of the Crescent City, California City Council was launched in September 2009 by fellow city council member Donna Westfall. The effort did not succeed in collecting the signatures that would have been required to force a recall election.[1]


Mayor Kelly Schellong, and council members Charles Slert and Kathryn Murray were targeted for recall by Westfall. In 201l, a new recall campaign was filed against Schellong, Slert, and Murray. Slert resigned, but the recall effort against Schellong and Murray was abandoned.

Recall petitions in California must state a reason for initiating a recall, and the public notice of intent to circulate a recall petition for several of those who are targeted refers to the Wastewater Treatment Plant project, sewer rates, “failure to exercise oversight” and “lack of independent thinking”.[1]

Westfall was herself censured by her fellow members of the City Council shortly before she launched the recall efforts. The declaration to censure her said that she had made “reckless, slanderous, libelous public statements and/or accusations” toward her colleagues and other city staff. Westfall was also removed from all committees.[1]

On November 17, 2010, Westfall also filed a lawsuit against the city, mentioning Kelly Schellong, Dennis Burns, Charles Slert and Kathryn Murray as named co-plaintiffs.[2]

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