Dallas City-Owned Convention Center Hotel Initiative (2009)

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The Dallas City-Owned Convention Center Hotel Referendum ballot measure was on the May 9, 2009 ballot in Dallas County.

If it had been approved by voters, the measure would have added a new city charter that will prohibit Dallas from owning a convention center hotel. The Dallas City Council is trying to build such a hotel at present.[1]

UNITE HERE, a service employee union, has been a primary supporter of the measure.[2]

The measure was defeated.[3]

  • Yes: 41,287 (48.76%)
  • No: 43,382 (51.24%) Defeatedd[4]

Path to the ballot

National Ballot Access was the signature vendor for the petition drive. More than 20,000 signatures were collected to qualify it for the ballot.

Same ballot

The Dallas No Taxpayer Subsidies for Hotels Without Popular Vote (2009) will be on the same May 9 ballot.