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Dennis "Danny" Alan Northcutt was an Independent candidate for Governor of Louisiana in the 2011 elections. A self-described "Conservative Independent," he initially declared his intention to run but withdrew from the race in June 2011.[1] Northcutt did not announce a running mate for lieutenant governor's office.


Northcutt served in the United States Air Force from 1960 to 1968, including a 21 month tour in Vietnam.

He is an ordained minister and has been given an honorary doctorate in theology by the American Baptist Fellowship Church. Currently, Northcutt owns the Louisiana Country & Gospel Hall of Fame Theater.

He and his wife, Ellen, have one daughter and one son.


  • University of Hawaii, 1962
  • Schilling Air Force Base, 1961
  • Newton High School, 1958


  • salary reductions for elected officials, including a 20% pay cut for the governor
  • strict laws banning all abortions
  • outlawing all forms of gay marriage and civil unions
  • Creationism and religion included in school curricula
  • "English only" policies, as well as border checks at all Louisiana state lines
  • encouraging people to buy American made and Louisiana made products whenever possible
  • reducing the power of unions

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