Darren Spellman recall, Calaveras County, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Darren Spellman from his position as an elected county supervisor of Calaveras County, California was launched in February 2012 and fell short in March 2012 after organizers failed to file a sufficient notice of intent to recall.[1] An effort to recall Spellman in 2011 fell short of signature requirements. Spellman represents District 5.

Recall supporters

Tillman Sherman supported the recall effort. Sherman said the recall effort had to be terminated because of "a technicality in the election code" which made it impossible to qualify the recall in time for the November ballot.[1]

Reasons for recall

Spellman was accused of being disrespectful to his board peers and members of the public. He was also faulted for missing too many meetings.[1]

Path to the ballot

The original notice of intent to recall was delivered to Spellman in February 2012. On March 13th, Calaveras County Elections Coordinator Becky Andahl said she notified recall proponents that the recall's notice of intention had to be redone. The original notice had 10 signatures instead of the required 20. The confusion resulted from a discrepancy between California Election Code and Calaveras County rules. California requires 10 signatures on a notice of intention while Calaveras County requires 20.[1]

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