Dates of 2010 state legislative sessions

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State legislatures

Ends.png = This state's regular session is adjourned for 2010. See also: 2010 state legislative calendar
Begins.png = This state is defined as having full-time legislators (which does not mean that the legislature never adjourns).

= This state was not scheduled to have a regular session in 2010. 

Inrecess.png = This state's legislature is in recess.

State Dates of session Session length limit
Ends.png Alabama January 12-April 22 30 legislative days
Ends.png Alaska January 19-April 18 90 days
Ends.png Arizona Regular session-January 11-April 29, Special session from February 1, ongoing None
Ends.png Arkansas February 8-March 4[1] 60 days
Begins.png California Regular session-January 12-August 31; three special sessions, two ongoing, one ended on January 11. Lawmakers were in summer recess from July 2 to August 2, 2010. None
Ends.png Colorado January 13-May 12 120 days
Ends.png Connecticut February 3-May 5 None
Ends.png Delaware January 12-June 30 None
Ends.png Begins.png Florida Regular Session-March 2-April 30. Lawmakers had a one day special session on July 20, 2010, to consider a constitutional amendment to ban offshore oil drilling. 60 days
Ends.png Georgia January 11-April 29 40 legislative days
Ends.png Hawaii January 20-April 29 60 legislative days
Ends.png Idaho January 11-March 29 None
Ends.pngBegins.png Illinois January 13-May 7-Regular session[2]. "Lame duck" veto sessions were held in November on the 10th, 16-18th, 23rd, and 30th. Two "lame duck" veto session days are also scheduled for December 1st and 2nd. A special session may be called to deal with borrowing and taxes. None
Ends.png Indiana January 5-March 12 None
Ends.png Iowa January 11-March 30 None
Ends.png Kansas January 11-May 28[3] 90 days in even-numbered years
Ends.png Kentucky Regular session-January 5-April 15. Special session from May 24 to May 29 to deal with state budget issues. 30 legislative days in odd-numbered years; 60 legislative days in even-numbered years
Ends.png Louisiana March 29-June 21 45 legislative days in odd-numbered years; 60 legislative days in even-numbered years
Ends.png Maine January 6-April 12
Ends.png Maryland January 13-April 12 90 days
Ends.png Begins.png Massachusetts January 6-July 31*-[4] None
Begins.png Michigan January 13-*[5]. The Legislature will hold a "lame duck" session in 2010. None
Ends.pngMinnesota February 4-May 17. 120 legislative days every two years
Ends.png Mississippi Regular session-January 5-April 3, extended to May 3. Special session April 22-23 90 days or 125 days, depending on the year
Ends.pngMissouri Regular session-January 6-May 14. Special session from June 24 to July 14 to deal with the state pension system. None
No session in 2010 90 legislative days in odd-numbered years
Ends.png Nebraska January 6-April 14 90 days in odd-numbered years; 60 days in even-numbered years
No regular session in 2010, special session from February 23-March 1[6] None
Ends.png New Hampshire January 6-July 1 None
Inrecess.png Begins.png New Jersey January 12-June 30-First regular session. Special session from July 1 to July 12 to deal with property tax relief. The Senate will reconvene on August 23, 2010 for a voting session while the Assembly re-convenes in the fall. None
Ends.png New Mexico Regular session-January 19-February 18. A 3-day special session was held from March 1-4 to deal with the state budget. 60 days in odd-numbered years; 30 days in even-numbered years
Begins.png Ends.png New York State Regular Session-January 6-June 21[7]. Extraordinary session was held from June 22nd to July 1st to deal with state budget. None
Ends.png North Carolina May 12-July 10[8] None
North Dakota
No session in 2010 80 legislative days every two years
Inrecess.png Begins.png Ohio First regular session-January 4-June 4[9]. The Legislature will reconvene on November 9, 2010 for a "lame duck" session. Lawmakers may also hold a session, if needed, on September 14-15, 2010. None
Ends.png Oklahoma February 1-May 28 None
Ends.png Begins.png Oregon No regular session, held special session from February 1-February 25[10]. None
Inrecess.png Begins.png Pennsylvania January 5-July 3rd-Spring Session. House members will reconvene on September 13, 2010. Senate members will reconvene on September 20, 2010. The General Assembly will hold a "lame duck" session.[11] None
Ends.png Rhode Island January 5-June 11 None
Ends.png South Carolina January 12-June 3 None
Ends.png South Dakota January 12-March 29 None
Ends.png Tennessee Regular session-January 12-June 10. Special session from January 12-25 for federal "Race to the Top" funding. 90 paid legislative days every two years
No session scheduled 140 days
Ends.png Utah January 25-March 11 60 legislative days
Ends.png Vermont January 5-May 12 None
Ends.png Virginia January 13-March 13 30 days in odd-numbered years; 60 days in even-numbered years
Ends.png Washington Regular session-January 11-March 11. Special session from March 15 to April 12 to deal with economy/state budget. 105 days in odd-numbered years; 60 days in even-numbered years
Ends.png West Virginia January 13-March 20; First special Session was from May 13-19, 2010, to deal with federal Race to the Top education funding. A second special session to deal with reforming election and education laws was held from July 15-21, 2010. 60 days
Ends.png Begins.png Wisconsin Regular session-January 19-April 22. A concurrent special session was held from December 16, 2009-April 22, 2010 to deal with federal "Race to the Top" funding. A second special session may be called to deal with the state budget in response to a July 20, 2010 ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. None
Ends.png Wyoming February 8-March 5 60 legislative days every two years, with no more than 40 in a single year

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  1. The even year session is dedicated to state fiscal matters
  2. The leadership of the Illinois legislature determines the end date
  3. Extended from original closing date of March 30
  4. Meets throughout the year
  5. Meets throughout the year
  6. Devoted to budget issues
  7. -Meets throughout the year
  8. Session end date set by resolution in the legislature
  9. Meets throughout the year
  10. Dealing with the economy and health care
  11. Meets throughout the year