Dave McGirr recall, Huron, South Dakota (2011)

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An effort to recall Dave McGirr from his elected position as mayor of Huron, South Dakota, came to naught in July 2011 when election officials declared that recall supporters had come up short in the number of signatures they collected on recall petitions.[1]

1,267 valid signatures were required to force a recall election, but 1,128 signatures were found to be valid.[1]

Ron Volesky helped organize the recall effort.[2]

The recall movement began when Doug Schmitt resigned from his position as chief of police. Schmitt resigned after McGirr and city commissioners put him on leave in March 2011 after Schmitt told a legislative committee that he believed that some Huron-based companies were had employed illegal immigrants.[2]

Schmitt had been the Chief of Police in Huron since 1999, and a police officer in the city starting in 1978.[3]

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