David White, Gary Ellis and Ron Henderson recall, Montrose County, Colorado (2011)

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An effort to recall David White, Gary Ellis and Ron Henderson from their positions as county commissioners in Montrose County, Colorado was launched in early August 2011. The effort was abandoned short of going to a vote.


The reasons for the recall, according to recall organizers, was due to allegations such as immoral practices, irresponsibility and incompetence. The petition format to recall the county commissioners was approved on August 5, 2011, according to the county's Clerk and Recorder.[1]

Reports indicated that the organizers of the recall effort were Mike Krull and Duke Richardson. Both are employees of Montrose Memorial Hospital, which reports say the commissioners have been undergoing a long legal battle with.[2]

Insufficient signatures

The Montrose County Clerk and Recorder’s office stated that not enough signatures were collected. According to the clerk and recorder Fran Long: “3,012 signatures were required to recall Commissioner Ellis. 3,198 signatures were submitted, but only 2,689 were statutorily valid signatures, so the recall committee was 323 signatures short. The recall committee has the option to file a protest, but must do so within 15 days, then a hearing would be held to listen to their concerns.”[3]

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