Deadline arrives in Michigan for proposed constitutional amendments

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July 9, 2012


By Eric Veram

LANSING, Michigan: Today, July 9, marks the deadline in Michigan for petitioners to file signatures for initiated constitutional amendments. As of now only amendments and veto referendums have a chance at making the November ballot after no state statute proposals filed signatures on their May 30 deadline.

As of today, the Emergency Manager Referendum is the only measure certified for the ballot, though its fate remains undecided as supporters and opponents battle in court. So far two other measures have filed signatures: the "Protect Our Jobs" Amendment and the Casino Gaming Amendment. To qualify proposed amendments will need to submit at least 322,609 valid names to the Secretary of State by the end of today. The Secretary of State then has until 60 days before the November election to certify the measures.

Signatures filed

Updated 5:00 p.m. CST

A total of six measures have submitted signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State today. The following measures have filed: the Renewable Energy Amendment, International Bridge Initiative, Taxation Amendment, Home Healthcare Amendment, "Protect Our Jobs" Amendment, and the Casino Gaming Amendment.

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