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Deadline for Orange County initiative for paid sick-days approaches

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July 31, 2012


By Eric Veram

TALLAHASSEE, Florida: According to reports, the Citizens for a Greater Orange County, the group collecting signatures for a initiative granting paid sick-days, believe they will collect the 14,000 remaining signatures they need to qualify for the ballot in November. A total of 43,605 signatures need to be turned in by August 7 and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is unlikely to show leniency in extending the deadline. The Republican mayor has expressed her opposition to the measure and believes the measure could have "unintended negative consequences" and is in ill-timed for the current economy. Regarding the mayor's stance on the deadline, Stephanie Porta, an organizer for the campaign, says, "I think she'll do what's right for the tens of thousands who have signed the petitions and the couple hundred thousand who would benefit from this. I believe she would stand up for direct democracy and the way the law is written."[1]

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