Decatur Government Form Change (April 2010)

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There was a Decatur Government Form Change measure on the April 13 ballot in the city of Decatur which is in both Morgan and Lawrence Counties.

This measure was approved

  • YES 5,004 Approveda
  • NO 4,475[1]

The question asked of voters is if they wanted to changed the city government to a council-manager form. This measure was brought to a vote via a petition drive by a former city government employee. More than 1,100 signatures were validated at the end of January to get this measure approved for a vote. Due to the need to call a special election for this vote, city government was unsure where the money would come from, but they managed by adding another issue to the ballot. Challenges also will arise in changing over the government, if this is approved.[2]

The government saw this measure as a way to oust them from office so they added the alcohol question to the ballot in order to get more than those that are unhappy with the current government to go and vote in April. Many who signed the petition saw it as a way to tell the current government that they were unhappy with the way things were being run and that change was needed.[3]