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Democracy Resources is a canvassing and signature gathering company based in Portland, Oregon. Ted Blaszak is the owner of the company.

Democracy Resources announced in 2007 that it has launched a partnership with a local affiliate of the AFL-CIO, becoming the nation's first unionized canvassing and signature gathering firm. Democracy Resources has been instrumental in the efforts to require petition circulator training and certification in the state of Oregon.

Petition drives

In 2002, Democracy Resources ran the signature gathering drive to put Measure 25 on Oregon's ballot, which increased the state's minimum wage and tied it to inflation.[1] Also in 2002, Democracy Resources gathered the signatures for Oregon's Measure 26, banning the practice of paying per signature when hiring petitioners or petitioning firms.

In 2006, Democracy Resources gathered 30,000 signatures, forcing the Oregon legislature to restrict payday loan practices in the state.

In 2008, Democracy Resources gathered the signatures to place the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative on the ballot.[2]

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