Denver Grocery Store Alcohol Sales (November 2010)

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A Denver Grocery Store Alcohol Sales proposition was going to be on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Denver County but it was later removed.

Blake Harrison is the man behind the push to allow grocery stores to sell more beer and wine selections. He was hoping though that his push will enable someone in the Denver government to instead pass legislation so he does not have to collect 76,000 signatures to put the issue on a ballot. He is still willing to petition for signatures though if need be. Liquor stores are not in favor of this measure, they feel that if it was put into action than they would go out of business because they would lose all their sales to grocery stores. Many grocery stores are not in favor of it as well because it puts children closer to alcohol. They also feel that just because 45 other states allow grocery store sales of alcohol does not mean Denver has to as well. Although some in the Denver government support this issue, it is not clear if they would actually pass legislation to allow the sale of alcohol in grocery stores. If Harrison will have to collect signatures he has a long way to go yet.[1]

Legislatures hindered Harrison's effort to get a measure passed without a vote, but now he has the backing of grocery stores and conveniences stores who see it to their advantage to break the monopoly they see liquor stores have currently. If the measure is passed, these businesses will be able to stock whatever alcohol they feel is profitable without state mandated rules. Liquor stores have before stopped legislation that would take away their exclusive selling of some alcohol types.[2] There is still a bill in the house legislature that could approve this without a vote by the people, both sides have been arguing about the pros and cons of allowing alcohol sales in grocery stores. But Harrison is continuing his effort in case the measure is not approved and it does go to the November ballot.[3]