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The Iowa Department of Public Health is an agency in Iowa.

The purpose of the Iowa Department of Public Health is to promote and protect the health of Iowans through partnerships with local public health agencies, policymakers, health care provides, and businesses.[1]


Total expenditures for the Department for 2010 was $222,606,959. Estimated expenditures for 2011 total $227,593,318.[2]

Year Total Expenditures
2011 $227,593,318 (Estimate)
2010 $222,606,959
2009 $216,615,085
2008 $195,997,045
2007 $184,559,334


The Department is composed of six divisions: Acute Disease Prevention and Emergency Response, Administration and Professional Licensure, Behavioral Health, Environmental Health, Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention, and Tobacco Use Prevention and Control, as well as the Director's office.[1]

The Department operates the State's Medicaid program, which provides healthcare coverage to qualifying families and individuals.[3] The number of Medicaid recipients in 2010 totaled 9,700.[4]

The State also offers the hawk-i, or Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa, program as part of the State Child Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which offers health insurance coverage to children of families that do not qualify for Medicaid.[5] Per the Department's 2010 Annual Report, over 230,000 children are enrolled in Medicaid and hawk-i.[4]


Country contracts for 2009 are listed on the Department website.[6]

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