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The Department of Labor is an agency in New York.

The purpose of the New York State Department of Labor (DOL) is to enforce state Labor Laws, ensure fair wages for all workers, protect the health and safety of New Yorkers, administer the state's unemployment insurance benefits, connect job seekers to employers, and provide training information opportunities for workers.[1] The Department is composed of the Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs, the Division of Employment and Workforce Solutions, the Division of Equal Opportunity Development, the Labor Statistics Division, the Legal offices, the Unemployment Insurance Division, and Worker Protection divisions; the DOL provides safety and health services, services for farm workers, immigrants, and children, labor market analyses, job seeker and worker programs, and unemployment insurance benefits.[2]


DOL budget information can be obtained from the New York State Division of the Budget.[3] Department funds for the 2012 fiscal year are as follows, in millions:[4]

Workforce Impact Summary 2009-10 Through 2011-12

Fund 2009-10 Actuals (03/31/10) 2010-11 Actuals (03/31/11) 2011-12 Estimate (03/31/12)
General Fund 7 0 0
State Operating Funds 364 361 560
State Funds 364 361 560
All Funds 3,982 3,953 3,977
Special Revenue Funds - Other 357 361 560
Special Revenue Funds - Federal 3,618 3,592 3,417


Programs and services for individuals include unemployment assistance, including Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits; job seeker services such as Apprenticeship information, career development services including training opportunities, resume building, and Occupational Licenses and Certifications information; and information for workers including equal opportunity laws, wage laws, and immigrant policies.[5] Priority services are also provided for eligible Veterans, including skills assessments, training options, resume preparation, job search assistance, job referrals, networking, and veterans support service referrals.[6]

The Department of Labor defines Unemployment Insurance (UI) as temporary income for eligible workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The DOL determines if one is eligible for benefits. The website provides information for unemployed workers and employers; allows one to file a claim, claim weekly benefits, and check payment history; provides UI tax information; and offers specific UI rules for teachers and government workers.[7]

UI statistics are included in the Department's Monthly Statistics Press Releases. During the week of June 12, 2011, 455,005 people, including 416,165 New York State residents and a remainder of out-of-state claimants, received regular UI benefits, Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or Extended Benefits. 55% of the total unemployed in NYS received UI benefits.[8]

Programs and services for businesses include unemployment information such as tax rates, quarterly reporting guidance, and how to report UI fraud; hiring incentives and apprenticeship information; recruitment services; and regulations such as labor laws, safety and health regulations, immigrant policies, and wage laws.[9]

The Shared Work Program is an incentive for employers to avoid laying off workers during a temporary slowdown and instead reducing the hours of all employees or a select group.[10]

The Department of Labor also has the Green Jobs program, which posts information on "green" jobs and incentives for going green.[11]

The NYSDOL also provides labor market information such as monthly employment statistics and occupational and industry reports.[12]


General division emails and online inquiry forms are provided, as well as a general DOL phone number, fax number and address. Administrative staff do not seem to be listed and individual contact information is not provided.[13]

Public meeting information for DOL boards and councils is posted.[14] Members are also listed for most boards, although individual contact information and meeting documents do not seem to be available.[15]

Freedom of Information Law request procedures and information is provided.[16]

There is a way to report fraud.[17]

Department financial information such as budgets and audits do not seem to be available on the DOL website. Department Annual Reports are available through 2009.[18]

Quantitatives such as enrollment data and expenditures do not seem to be available for the department's various programs and services.


Per a July 26, 2011 Department of Labor press release, the state unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) for June 2011 was 8.0%, compared to 8.4% in June 2010. The national unemployment rate was 9.3% in June 2011 and 9.6% in June 2010. [19]

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