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The Department of Transportation is an agency in Nevada.

The purpose of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is to "provide a better transportation system for Nevada." NDOT is responsible for planning, constructing, operating and maintaining the highways and bridges of the state highway system.[1]


NDOT received $201 million from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.[2] All funds have been spent on 69 projects statewide. A list of ARRA funded projects is provided on the website.[3]

A detailed 2011-2013 department budget can be found on the State of Nevada website.[4]

Program General Fund Highway Fund Other
Construction of Roadways and Facilities $0 $281,100,268 $464,907,923
Maintenance of Roadways and Facilities $0 $152,032,222 $3,102,696
Project Delivery $0 $60,233,104 $190,000
Equipment Repair and Maintenance, Fleet Management $0 $49,552,665 $5,714,204
Information Services $0 $26,018,764 $992,530
Multi-Modal, Aviation, Transit, Rail and Safe Routes to Schools $0 $20,998,434 $0
Planning, MPO, Local Government and Stip $0 $12,899,037 $0
General Administration $0 $12,756,748 $872,942
Fiscal $0 $12,654,537 $0
Traffic Management Center and Highway Operations $0 $11,094,721 $3,564,772
District Communications, Stockroom, and Right of Way $0 $5,593,226 $0
Personnel and Payroll $0 $4,882,027 $0
Flight Operations $0 $3,799,592 $0
Purchasing $0 $2,013,993 $0
Public Information Office $0 $1,429,236 $0
Audit $0 $1,050,169 $0
Civil Rights and Contract Compliance $0 $929,853 $0
Legal $0 $1,211 $0
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program $0 $0 $401,487
Total $0 $659,039,805 $479,746,554


NDOT sponsors litter-removal programs such as Adopt-A-Highway, which was designed to save taxpayer funds that would be used for highway clean-up.[5]

NDOT also runs the Pioneer Program, which is intended to implement public-private partnerships that allow the state to "leverage limited public funds" in order to undertake needed transportation improvements that could not be funded otherwise.[6]

Status reports for major projects as well as project studies are available on the NDOT website.[7][8] Although project studies, estimated costs, project team contact information, and updates are available for most projects, contracts do not seem to be posted.[9]


NDOT is governed by a Board of Directors, including the governor of Nevada.[1] NDOT has an operating budget of approximately $800 million and over 1,750 employees.


Public records request information is provided.[10]

Executive staff phone numbers but not email addresses are provided.[1] Phone numbers and emails are provided for different divisions and administrators within NDOT.[11] Contact information for Senior Staff, including the Director, does not appear to be available and salary information is not disclosed.

Methods for the public to become involved in the Statewide Transportation Planning are provided.[12] Public meetings and hearing are also posted on the website.[13]

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