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The Department of Transportation is an agency in Wyoming.

The purpose of the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT) is to provide services to the traveling public and undertake transportation-related functions, such as maintaining highways, providing roadway law enforcement, supporting aviation, and providing licensing services.[1]


The Fiscal Year 2011 Operating Budget is posted on the website.[2]

Anticipated Revenue Fiscal Year 2011

Source Percent Amount
Fuel Taxes 13.22% $72,688,441
Federal Aid 53.76% $295,597,780
Vehicle Fees 2.33% $12,832,584
Registrations 10.77% $59,227,228
Royalties 12.09% $66,472,500
Drivers License 0.75% $4,116,673
General Funds 1.46% $8,024,356
Severance Taxes 1.22% $6,711,500
Other 4.40% $24,219,423
Total 100% $549,890,485

Allocation of Revenue - Fiscal Year 2011

Program Percent Allocation Allocations
Highway Improvement 48.39% $266,074,027
Maintenance/ Operations 20.20% $111,068,669
Planning 3.29% $18,066,810
Capital Expenditures 2.04% $11,229,420
Operating Transfers Out 1.04% $5,700,335
Regulatory/Admin. Expenditures 2.92% $16,066,307
Aeronautics 6.02% $33,124,844
Law Enforcement 7.12% $39,167,345
Other Expenditures 8.98% $49,392,728
Total 100% $549,890,485

The State of Wyoming also received about $9.3 million for transit systems in stimulus funding; $7 million of this WYDOT will administer to assist transit programs statewide. The remaining $2.3 million is dedicated to the urban communities of Casper and Cheyenne.[3]


WyDOT sponsors the Adopt-A-Highway Program, which has 900 volunteer groups statewide clearing litter from the state's roadways.[4]

WyDOT also administers the federally-funded Safe Routes to Schools program. WyDOT was allocated $5 million over five federal fiscal years to enable of primary and middle school students to walk and bicycle to school safely.[5]

Current plans and studies are listed.[6]

Major projects include:[7]

  • Harney Street Viaduct Project - Laramie
  • Vandehei Interchange Project - Cheyenne
  • Togwotee Pass Project - near Dubois

Summaries and project documents are provided for these projects.

Projects funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are also listed.[8]


WyDOT is overseen by a Director and Executive Staff. The Transportation Commission governs the activities of the Department. The Commission is comprised of seven members appointed by the governor and approved by the Senate.[9]


Executive staff is listed with biographical information but contact information is not provided.[1] Commissioners are also listed with biographies, but only general contact information for the Commission Secretary is provided. Meeting information and documents are posted.[9]

Some administrative phone numbers are posted within different divisions, but a comprehensive contact list does not seem to be available.

Bidding information, including opportunities and results, are posted.[10]

The Department's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) are provided.[11][12]

Public involvement policies and public meetings schedule are posted.[13][14]

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