Dexter Amend recall, Spokane County, Washington (1996)

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An effort to recall Dexter Amend from his position as Coroner of Spokane County, Washington, was judicially invalidated in March 1996.[1]


Recall supporters accused Amend of violating medical confidentiality by publicly discussing autopsy results. While the Spokane County Superior Court ruled that Amend violated state laws by failing to keep an autopsy report confidential and disclosing health care information without proper authorization, the Supreme Court of Washington ruled that evidence was insufficient.[1]

Amend allegedly told reporters that a 9-year-old murder victim had previously been sodomized, and made several apparent attempts to portray homosexuality as a cause of death. Amend also allegedly asked if an 11-year-old boy had been masturbating before he was burned to death and focused an autopsy report on the “rectal region” of a man who died of AIDS.[2]

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