Donald Schmuck recall, Akron, Michigan (2012)

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An effort to recall Donald Schmuck from his elected position as the Township Supervisor of Akron, Michigan, was launched in January 2012[1] and abandoned in February 2012.[2] Ann Allen, who is a member of the Akron Township Board, also faced a failed recall attempt.

Reasons for recall

Lawrence Nichols, Jr. filed the initial recall petition. The recall petition stated that Schmuck should be removed because he "communicates negatively in public meetings and privately to individuals in order to purposely undermine community support for water project.”[1]

Path to the ballot

The petition wording was approved on January 25th. Petitioners had 180 days from January 25 to gather signatures. 136 signatures of registered voters would have been required to force a recall election.[1] The recall effort was put to a halt in February because signed petitions were never turned in.[2]

Recall investigation

In May 2012, Gerald Desimpelaere, Sr. and Lyle Houthoofd were placed under investigation by the Michigan State Police for possible election fraud. They allegedly followed improper procedures when circulating recall petitions against Schmuck.[3]

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