Douglas County School Levy Override (November 2011)

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A Douglas County School Levy Override measure was on the November 1, 2011 ballot in Elbert and Douglas Counties.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 21,677 (42.64%)
  • NO 29,159 (57.36%)Defeatedd[1]


  • YES 107
  • NO 428 Defeatedd[2]

This measure sought to issue a levy override for the county schools in order to help pay for performance of teachers at the schools. The levy override would be at a cost of $29 million a year. The purpose of the levy would have been to pay those teachers who have higher performance rates in the hopes to encourage excellent teachings in the schools. At a recently held public meeting, residents commented that they would not support such a measure if school vouchers were still in place and most of the money still went to private schools.[3]

Current Statewide

A 2013 statewide measure, Amendment 66, would authorize Colorado to increase taxes with an expected revenue increase of $950 million for school funding.[4]