Early voting to begin for highly publicized Arizona sales tax vote

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April 20, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona: The debate surrounding the proposed sales tax increase will begin to heat up, according to reports, as early voting begins this week for the measure. Residents can mail in their votes for the measure that would increase the sales tax in the state by 1 cent per dollar. Election officials in the state are predicting that mail-in votes will be flooding in, and the total turnout could come to 30%. The registration deadline for those who wanted to chime in on the measure was April 18, 2010.

The measure's supporters project that the amount of revenue collected would add up to about $1 billion a year and that if the measure fails, major cuts will take place, particularly in state education. Opponents are countering that the measure would hurt the state because it would wrongly raise taxes in a recession.[1]

The primary campaign groups, for both sides of the argument, are:

  • For the Tax: The Yes on 100 campaign, which is made up of education interests, health care companies and some of the state's larger business group such as the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.
  • Against the Tax: Ax the Tax is the primary group in the campaign to defeat the measure. The group includes business groups and low tax groups. One such group is the National Federation of Independent Business.

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