Ed Gowan, Naomi Parker, and Eddy Langley recall, Lakeside, Oregon (2012)

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An effort to recall Ed Gowan, Naomi Parker, and Eddy Langley from their elected positions in Lakeside, Oregon was launched in December 2011.[1] The recall effort was abandoned in March 2012.[2] Gowan currently serves as mayor while Parker and Langley are members of the city council. Another Lakeside city councilor, Sue Allen, also faced a recall attempt.

Reasons for recall

Darline Atkin was the chief petitioner. She says the recall campaign was in response to the recall campaign against Sue Allen. Atkin says the charges against Allen are "bogus."[1] Charges leveled against the councilors ranged from "nitpicking" at council meetings to an incident where the mayor brought a gun to a council meeting in a suitcase.[2]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers would have needed to collect 127 signatures before March 4th, 2012.[3]

Recall organizers suspended their campaign in March 2012. Recall organizers said they had gathered over 127 signatures for each target, but they did not submit them. Sheli Roe, a recall petitioner, said her group believed that the recall effort against Sue Allen was unlikely to progress, and supporters of the recall against Gowan, Parker, and Langley did not want to "gamble the city of Lakeside's money" when a recall effort against Allen would likely not result in a recall election.[2]

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