Election Day winds down with 7 key gubernatorial races undecided

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November 3, 2010

  By Eileen McGuire-Mahony

While the work may be over for campaign staff, election officials in seven states aren't getting a break yet.

Of the 37 races held yesterday, 20 have so far gone to the GOP, including eleven pick-ups. Democrats have had more modest successes, netting 10 victories, including three pick-ups.

Rhode Islander Lincoln Chafee won his race, putting that state into the Independent category.

Of the races that have been called, Ballotpedia's race tracker is spot-on...so far. We're providing race standings in these races as of 4:00 EST.

Connecticut: Tom Foley(R) leads Dan Malloy(D) by 2% with 87% of precincts reporting. If Foley wins, this will represent an upset.

Florida: Rick Scott(R) and Alex Sink(D) are in a dead heat and Florida's constitutional requirement for an automatic recount may be triggered. Both campaigns have lawyers and volunteers on stand-by. At press time, Scott leads Sink by just under 54,000 votes. This represents less than one tenth of one percent of the 5.2 ballots cast. 99% of precincts are reporting.

Illinois: This may be the closest race of all. Democrat Pat Quinn leads by 1,651 votes in a race where 3.6 voters have cast a ballot. 99% of Illinois' precincts are reporting and this race could also go to recount. Republican Bill Brady was expected to win and both parties will turn out in force if calling the race continues to be delayed.

Maine: Republican Paul LePage is having more trouble consolidating his expected win that race trackers had foreseen. He has 38% to Independent Eliot Cutler's 37%. Democrat Elizabeth Mitchell trails, with just 19%. 89% of the polls have reported. LePage is winning most inland counties while Cutler leads in the heavily populated areas on the southern shore.

Minnesota: Tom Emmer(R) was thought to be out of the running due to a third party candidate siphoning off votes. However, he is astonishingly competitive with Mark Dayton(D). Dayton leads by a single point with 98% of precints in.

Oregon: This state has more room to move, as only 85% of precincts are in. Chris Dudley(R) is ahead of John Kitzhaber(D)by a single point. Dudley leads in the counties that have yet to send in all polling data, so this may be another GOP win.

Vermont: 98% of precicnts have reported in Vermont, where Peter Shumlin(D) and Brian Dubie(R) traded the lead back and forth last night. Early this morning, Shumlin moved ahead again and currently holds a 1% lead. Vermont's Constitution allows the state legislature to choose the governor if no gubernatorial candidate wins 50% + 1. With both chambers heavily blue, such an eventuality would favor Shumlin.



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