Election aftermath: Missouri Amendment 2 passes by large margin

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August 7, 2012

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JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri: The primary election in Missouri has passed, and although voters chimed in on various ballot items, the lone statewide measure on the ballot was also decided.

On August 7, voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 2 with approximately 83% of the vote.

The measure alters the state constitution by expanding the general constitutional right to religious freedom. The measure specifies that citizens have the right to express their religious beliefs through worship "in private or public settings, on government premises, on public property, and in all public schools." The measure mandates that public schools display the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Results can be found on this page, on Amendment 2's ballot measure page, and on Ballotpedia's Missouri elections page. As of August 8, only two precincts have yet to report numbers.

Amendment 2

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Amendment 2
Approveda Yes 780,567 82.8%

Results via the Missouri Secretary of State.

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