Election aftermath: Republicans maintain control of Louisiana state senate

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October 23, 2011

By Geoff Pallay


Republicans have maintained control of the Louisiana State Senate in the 2011 legislative elections.

As of 1am CST on October 23, there were six undecided races in the State Senate elections. Currently, Democrats have won 12 seats while Republicans have claimed 21 seats -- meaning the GOP is assured to retain the majority in the chamber. There are still six undecided races. They are:

Thus, of the six races, three are assured to be won by Democrats and one by the GOP. The two undecided races are also likely to be won by Democrats.

The likely result of the 2011 elections in Louisiana is that the partisan control will be in the Republicans favor, 22-17 -- the same as before the election.

Louisiana State Senate
Party As of November 2011 After the 2011 Election
     Democratic Party 17 15
     Republican Party 22 24
Total 39 39

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