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Election preview: Voters go to polls tomorrow in Louisiana for 25 state legislative races

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November 18, 2011

By Geoff Pallay

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BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: Tomorrow will mark a fairly anti-climatic end to the 2011 state legislative general election season. A total of 25 races remain to be decided in Louisiana, although the GOP has already clinched control of the state senate and state house.

Of the 25 remaining races, eight contain incumbents seeking to win re-election while the remaining 17 are open seats where the incumbent did not run. Five of those races are in the state house and three in the state senate

Of the eight incumbents, four are Democrats and four are Republicans. In the October 22, 2011 primary, there were no incumbents defeated in Louisiana. So far in 2011, a total of 22 incumbents have been defeated -- eight in primaries and 14 in the general election.

In the in the three states with November 8 general elections, Republicans managed to take control of the Mississippi House and Virginia Senate (note: it is a tie in Virginia, but the GOP controls the tieb-reaking vote).

Republicans have won more than 70% of the open seats up for election so far in 2011.

Here is a breakdown of the remaining races to be decided tomorrow in Louisiana.

State senate

There are four races left in the state senate, with Republicans holding a 23-12 lead. However, those four races are each composed of candidates from one party -- three districts are two Democrats facing off while the fourth district has two Republicans. Thus, the final partisan count will be 24-15 in favor of the GOP -- a gain of two seats from before the election. The remaining races are:

State house

There are 21 undecided races in the state house, with Republicans currently holding a 49-35-1 majority. Of those 21 races, six are guaranteed to be won by Democrats and five by Republicans. Thus, there are 10 races between candidates of different parties (note: three third party candidates advanced to the runoff election).

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