Election reform in Florida passes through subcommittee

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February 15, 2013


By Eric Veram

TALLAHASSEE, Florida: On Wednesday, February 13, the House Ethics and Elections Subcommittee passed PCB EES 13-01 unanimously. The bill, which succeeded in garnering bipartisan support, allows county supervisors to increase the number of early-voting days to fourteen. Currently, that number is eight and it could remain that way in at least some counties even if the bill passes, due to the fact that the bill doesn't require an extension of the period. The bill also sets a seventy-five word limit for summaries of amendment referred to the ballot by the legislature. This standard already exists for citizen initiatives. Historically, Florida has had a fourteen day early-voting period in the past, but in 2011 the legislature pushed a bill through that, among other things related to voting, cut it down to eight. Many believe these changes will help to shorten the state's notoriously long Election Day lines at the ballot box.[1]

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