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Eligible voter

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An eligible voter is a person who meets the requirements set forth in a political subdivision for being able to vote. The rules differ from state-to-state for what makes someone eligible to vote.

Considerations in assessing whether a person is eligible to vote may include:

  • Age
  • Length of residency
  • Ability to establish residency
  • Whether or not the person is a convicted felon

A person may meet the eligibility requirements for voting, but may not have registered. In that case, although a registrar would accept the person's application for voter registration because the person meets all the requirements of that political subdivision, it might be said of this person, "She is eligible to vote, but is not a registered voter."

See Registered voter.

In many--but not all--states, in order for a person's signature to count on a petition for a candidate or a ballot measure, the person must be not just eligible to vote, but also registered to vote.