Elyria City Charter Amendment Questions, 8 (November 2012)

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Eight Elyria City Charter Amendment questions were on the November 6, 2012 election ballot in Lorain County, which is in Ohio, where six were approved and two were defeated.

The first amendment concerned the Health District and was approved.

The second amendment concerned the Law Director of the City and was approved.

The third amendment concerned the approval of income tax and was defeated.

The fourth amendment concerned the city Finance Director and was approved.

The fifth amendment concerned the city Auditor and was approved.

The sixth amendment concerned the Civil Service Powers in the city and was defeated.

The seventh amendment concerned the status of classified and unclassified with respect to civil service and was approved.

The eighth amendment concerned Initiative, Referendum and Recall and was approved.[1]

Election results

Elyria City Charter Amendment 1
Approveda Yes 1,1584 61.75%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 2
Approveda Yes 12,316 65.15%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 3
Defeatedd No10,13254.30%
Yes 8,528 45.70%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 4
Approveda Yes 10,371 56.51%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 5
Approveda Yes 10,481 56.20%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 6
Defeatedd No10,86860.18%
Yes 7,192 39.82%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 7
Approveda Yes 9,175 51.62%
Elyria City Charter Amendment 8
Approveda Yes 9,922 56.75%

Election results from Lorain County 2012 General Election Results Summary, December 14, 2012.

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