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English language on the ballot

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English language on the ballot: This topic refers to ballot measures regarding the use of English in various settings, such as schools and other public services. It also the covers topic of English as an official language.


Ballot measures lists



  1. Alaska English Eliminated as Voting Requirement, Amendment 2 (August 1970)
  2. Alaska English as Official Language, Measure 6 (1998)


  1. Arizona English Language Education for Children in Public Schools, Proposition 203 (2000)
  2. Arizona English Official Language Amendment, Proposition 106 (1988)
  3. Arizona English as the Official Language, Proposition 103 (2006)


  1. California Multilingual Education Act (2016)
  2. California Proposition 227, the "English in Public Schools" Initiative (1998)
  3. California Proposition 38, Voting Materials in English Only (1984)
  4. California Proposition 63, English is the Official Language Amendment (1986)


  1. Colorado English Language Education, Initiative 31 (2002)
  2. Colorado English as Official State Language, Initiative 1 (1988)


  1. Florida English Official Language, Amendment 11 (1988)
  2. Florida English as Official Language Amendment (1988)


  1. Massachusetts English in Public Schools Initiative, Question 2 (2002)


  1. Mississippi "Confederate Heritage" Amendment (2016)


  1. Missouri English Official Language, Amendment 1 (2008)


  1. Nebraska English in Private Schools, Amendment 1 (2002)
  2. Nebraska English in Private Schools, Amendment 1 (May 2000)


  1. Oklahoma English as the Unifying Language, State Question 751 (2010)


  1. Oregon Public School English Immersion, Measure 58 (2008)


  1. Utah English as Official Language, Initiative A (2000)


  1. Washington White Males Who Speak English May Vote, Amendment 2 (1896)
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