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Eric Clark was elected as Mississippi Secretary of State in 1995, and re-elected in both 1999 and 2003. He served until 2007.

Political Career

Clark was born in 1951, and is a native of Smith County, Mississippi. As Secretary of State he has four primary goals: protecting the integrity of the state's elections; promoting sound land management; strengthening Mississippi's business climate; and safeguarding the investments and charitable donations of Mississippians. Previously, as the state’s chief elections officer, Clark has reformed the state's campaign finance disclosure laws and secured passage of new measures to combat voter fraud. With programs such as "Promote the Vote," he has also expanded voter education programs. CNN and TIME Magazine recognized "Promote the Vote" as the most successful student voter project in the country. “Vote in Honor of a Veteran” was also recognized for its service and sacrifice of those who make our democracy possible. Currently, Clark oversees more than 1.3 million acres of state-owned land, including 16th section lands to maintain and promote public education. These lands, generate roughly $50 million a year for schools in Mississippi. Clark also serves as trustee of the public trust tidelands on the Gulf Coast. Through this office, he has vigilantly endorsed balanced economic development and led in the acquisition of more than 16,000 acres of endangered coastal wetlands, including Deer Island, for permanent environmental preservation.

Clark’s Secretary of State position puts him as the first point of contact for many businesses and industries in Mississippi. To offer more proficient service, Clark overhauled the agency to provide faster, more efficient customer service. Through enforcing the laws that protect Mississippi investors, he has assisted in recovering more than $26 million in stolen money. Clark has also fortified the climate for charitable donations, giving donors a renewed sense of confidence that their gifts will go to those most in need.

Career prior to becoming Secretary of State

Prior to being Secretary of State, Clark served four terms as a member of the state House of Representatives. He has also been a member of the Mississippi Economic Council, Mississippi Farm Bureau, Mississippi Forestry Association, and Mississippi Historical Society and was recognized with the American Family Association’s "God and Country" Award for authoring the law that outlawed possession of child pornography in Mississippi, and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation's Conservation Legislator of the year for his efforts to preserve natural lands on the Gulf Coast.