Ethics panel rules against Fayette County commissioner

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September 29, 2009


FAYETTE COUNTY, Georgia: Yesterday, the Fayette County ethics panel found Commissioner Robert Horgan guilty of three charges filed against him in light of a May 23 marijuana arrest. Horgan was found in violation of: not upholding the U.S. Constitution and state laws and unbecoming conduct. Horgan was found not in violation of attempting to solicit a bribe after he was placed in the back of the patrol car and asked "if there was anything that we could do to resolve this right here, right now!" Horgan now faces about $1,000 in fines by the Ethics Commission. Additionally, Horgan faces misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession.[1]

A month earlier Superior Court Judge A. Quillian Baldiwn ruled against a recall petition initiated in July 2009, a month after Horgan was charged with marijuana possession. Baldwin ruled that Horgan's marijuana arrest was not related to his position in office, however, Judge Baldwin warned Horgan that once the criminal case moves forward he might be forced to resign as a condition of his probation. A court date has not yet been set regarding the marijuana arrest.[2]

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