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Faulkner County is one of 75 counties in Arkansas. Conway is the county seat.

Website evaluation

Budget P
Meetings P
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials P
Permits, zoning N
600px-Red x.png
Audits N
600px-Red x.png
Contracts N
600px-Red x.png
Lobbying N
600px-Red x.png
Public records N
600px-Red x.png
Local taxes P
County websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process

Main article: Evaluation of Arkansas county websites

The good

  • The current budget document is available.[1]
  • Meeting dates and times are posted.[2]
  • Quorum court members are listed with contact information.[3]
  • Tax details are posted.[4]
  • Some administrative contact details are available on individual department webpages.

The bad

  • Archived budget documents are not posted. The current budget document is only posted as a meeting document.
  • Does not disclose if belongs to government sector lobbying associations.
  • Information on how to make a public records request is not provided on the site.
  • Meeting agendas and minutes are not available.
  • There is no information on revenues, building permits and zoning, audits, or contracts.


The total FY 2012 budget request was $1,121,437.42.[1]

Public employees

Elected officials

The Quorum Court acts as the "voice of the people" in the county. It is made up of 13 members from individual districts. Members are:[3]

Member District
Randy Ingram 1
Randy Higgins 2
Steve Goode 3
Barbara Mathes 4
Charles Prince 5
Dan Thessing 6
John Pickett 7
Mark Bailey 8
Ancil Lea 9
Johnny Brady 10
Linda Paxton 11
Lauralee Wilcox-McCool 12
Johnnie Wells 13

Administrative officials

The County's personnel handbook, which outlines employment policies along with some benefit details, can be found here.


See also: Arkansas state government salary

In February, 2012, the County's Finance and Administration Committee approved a 3% raise for many county employees. It also approved a 3% raise for all employees of the Faulkner County Library. The move appropriated $825,000 from the general fund into various county departments. Employees had not received raises in two years.[5]


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See also: Arkansas government sector lobbying

The County does not provide information on government sector lobbying activities.

Transparency & public records

Public records request details are not available.


The County collected personal property and real estate taxes. The level is about 1% of the value of a home, mobile home, land, car, truck, trailer, four wheeler, boat, tractor, livestock, business building, inventory, or more. Personal Property must be assessed between January 1 and May 31 of each year. The tax is then paid the following year on or before October 15. Owners and occupants of one home or mobile home may received a $350 Homestead Credit each year.[4]

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