Final member chosen for Arizona redistricting commission

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March 1, 2011


PHOENIX, Arizona: The Arizona redistricting commission is now set, as Colleen Mathis has been selected as the fifth and final member.[1]

The commission is composed of two Democrats, two Republicans, and one Independent who serves as chair. Mathis will be the chair. The other 4 commission members are:

  • Jose Herrera (Democratic appointee)
  • Linda McNulty (Democratic appointee)
  • Scott Freeman (Republican appointee)
  • Richard Stertz (Republican appointee)

Mathis, who was selected by the first four appointees, was chosen over Paul Bender, Raymond Bladine, Kimber Lanning and Margarita Silva.

According to her application to the commission (timed out), Mathis moved to Arizona in 2001. Prior to being an independent, she was a registered Republican.[2]

There are 30 legislative districts in Arizona and nine Congressional seats that will need to be drawn.

Three of the five commissioners are residents of Pima County.[3]

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