Five years passed since West Virginia last had a statewide referendum

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June 10, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

West Virginia: It has been five years since West Virginians had a statewide referendum. In 2005, the Mountaineer State voted on a referendum involving the state employees retirement systems.

The question called for voters to approve the issuance of bonds totaling $5.5 billion dollars to help the state fund its retirement systems. Also, the question disclosed that the high amount of bonding being asked for would help deal with unfunded liabilities to the pension system. Voters in West Virginia defeated the amendment by a margin of 53.9% to to 46.1%.

In 2010, the West Virginia Legislature considered two constitutional amendments for creating the definition of marriage[1] and allowing counties to give tax breaks to new businesses[2]. The marriage amendment did not receive a vote in either house of the legislature[3]. The business tax break amendment got the support of the West Virginia House of Delegates on February 17, 2010[4] but failed on a Senate vote[5].

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