Florida's "patients' right to know" measure heads to the state's high court

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March 7, 2011


TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Years following the approval of Amendment 7 in 2004, the measure is headed to the Florida Supreme Court on March 8, 2011.

Specifically, a patient, Lynda See, sued West Florida Hospital in Pensacola. After suffering complications during a surgery, a severed bile duct and liver damage, she request reports related to her surgeries and credential information about the doctors involved. According to reports, the hospital argues that the voter-approved measure violates the United States Constitution and is vague regarding what is covered under Amendment 7.[1]

The case regarding West Florida Hospital is reportedly not the first challenge to Amendment 7. In previous cases, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the voter-approved amendment and access to records.[1]

The 2004 measure was approved by voters following a 81% vote in favor of the proposal. The amendment provided patients the right to review, upon request, records of health care facilities' or providers' adverse medical incidents, including those which could cause injury or death.

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