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Florida's 2010 ballot may have not 2 but 3 redistricting measures

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April 29, 2010

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TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Two redistricting measures have been cleared for the November 2010 ballot but one more might be added. Nearly four months following the verification of petition signatures for Amendment 5 and Amendment 6 Florida lawmakers proposed yet another redistricting measure.

Amendment 5 and 6, both initiated constitutional amendments, propose amending the current practice of drawing legislative and congressional district boundaries in such ways that they establish "fairness," are "as equal in population as feasible" and use "city, county and geographical boundaries."[1] On the other hand, the legislatively-referred proposal calls for barring lawmakers from favoring a political party or incumbent when redrawing legislative or congressional district lines. However, the proposal would allow lawmakers to continue basing districts on "communities of common interest."[2][3] Supporters of the proposed amendment, primarily Republicans according to reports, argue that the amendment would clarify the two certified redistricting initiatives scheduled to appear on the ballot.House Democrats, according to reports, disagree with the proposed amendment because they said that it would undermine the two citizen initiatives already certified for the ballot.[4]

The House has already voted in favor of the legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The Senate is expected to vote today. In order to qualify for the November 2010 ballot the proposed amendment must be approved by a minimum of 60% in the both the House and the Senate.[5]

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