Florida Billboard Amendment (2008)

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The Florida Billboard Amendment did not appear on the November 4, 2008 statewide ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure proposed a new constitutional amendment that was aimed at the November 2008 Florida ballot. However, as of late December 2007, no signatures had been filed, therefore not qualifying for the ballot.

Wording for the initiative was filed by Marion B. Hilliard, who was the chairperson of the sponsoring organization, Conserve and Protect Florida's Scenic Beauty. 611,009 valid signatures were required in order for the initiative to make the ballot.

Objective of the initiative:

Protects trees on public property from being removed or altered to enhance billboard visibility, and allows beautification projects to be installed without being restricted by presence of billboards. Provides local governments with greater home rule authority to require billboard removal. Provides just compensation ceiling for billboard removal except where greater amount required by federal law or federal constitution. Prohibits new billboard construction along any public street or highway. Provides definitions. Effective upon approval by electors.

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