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The Cut Property Taxes Now did not appear on the November 4, 2008 statewide ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment. The measure would have provided that the total property tax on any property should never exceed 1.35% of the highest taxable value of the property. This property tax limit would have applied to all property taxes except property taxes approved by voters. Would not have amended Save Our Homes, the Homestead Exemption, or any other exemption.[1]


Cut Property Taxes Now, Inc. was a political action committee (PAC) that sponsored the initiative. The initiative was modeled after California's Proposition 13, one of the strongest property tax cuts in history.

House Speaker Marco Rubio backed the initiative by saying that the Florida legislature hadn't done enough to cut down on property taxes after Gov. Crist promised during elections they would "drop like a rock."[2][3]

The Florida Taxpayer Alliance and Manatee's Coalition Against Runaway Taxation (CART) urged all their members to sign and pass out petitions for the measure.[4]


A rally, tagged as the "Florida Tea Party '07 Declaration Rally" gathered to launch the initiative. A group of 250 people held the rally to motivate petitioners that would be gathering signatures for the Cut Property Taxes Now initiative. The group had six weeks to gather 611,000 signatures.[5]


In response to Rep. Rubio's criticism that his property tax cut measure was too weak, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist worked with Donald Trump to raise funding for the initiative. "The press just told me I pay over $1 million a year on one house in real estate taxes in Florida. I didn't even know. I said, 'Really? I pay that much?'" Trump told the media while standing next to Crist in a Trump Tower office. "Hopefully that sucker will come down a little bit."[6]


Filed with the Secretary of State and Attorney General. The group had to collect 611,009 valid signatures by Feb. in order for it to qualify for the ballot. It did not make the ballot.

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