Florida Judicial Circuits, Amendment 2 (1902)

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The Florida Judicial Circuits Amendment was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment in Florida which was approved on the ballot on November 4, 1902.

This amendment modified Article V of the Florida Constitution to provide for 8 judicial circuits and 8 circuit judges.[1]

Election results

Florida Amendment 2 (1902)
Approveda Yes 5,170 62.87%

Election results via: Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Florida (1901-1902)

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Constitutional Amendment – Section 8, Article 5—Increasing number Circuit Judges to 8 and providing for 8 Judicial Circuits.[2][3]

Constitutional changes

Section 8. There shall be eight Circuit Judges who shall be appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Senate, and who shall hold their office for six years.

The State shall be divided by the Legislature at its first regular session after the adoption of this section, into eight Judicial Circuits, and one Judge shall be assigned to each Circuit. Such Judge shall hold at least two terms of his Court in each county within his circuit every year, and at such times and places as shall be prescribed by law, and may hold special terms.

The Governor may, in his discretion, order a temporary exchange of circuits by the respective Judges or order any Judge to hold one or more terms or part or parts of any term in any other circuit than that to which he is assigned. The Judge shall reside in the Circuit of which he is Judge.

This section shall not be operative until the Legislature shall have divided this State into eight circuits, as hereinbefore provided for; and the seven Circuit Judges holding office at the time of such division shall continue to exercise jurisdiction over their several existing circuits as constituted at the time of such division, until the Judge of the additional circuit shall have qualified. The Circuit Judges holding office at the time of such division shall severally continue in office until the expiration of their then existing term of office as Judges of the circuits respectively in which, under such division, the county of his residence may be included; and a Judge for the additional circuit shall be appointed for a term equal to the unexpired term of the other Circuit Judges upon such division being made. The salary of each Circuit Judge shall be two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • The amendment was placed on the ballot by Joint Resolution 2 of 1901.
  • The amendment was approved for the ballot on May 31, 1901.[1]

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