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Property appraiser is an elected position in the state of Florida according to the state's constitution.


Property appraisers in Florida are elected by the voters of their county and serve a term of four years.

Government responsibilities

As a taxing authority, appraisers retains, for at least five years, original or true copies of any contracts engaging the appraiser's services, appraisal reports, and supporting data assembled and formulated by the appraiser in preparing appraisal reports. Each appraiser must also submit budgets to the Department of Revenue.[1]

The appraiser, after reasonable notice for preparation, makes these records available for inspection and copying by the department. If an appraisal has been involved at all in litigation, reports and records must be retained for at least two years after the trial.[2]

As a taxing authority, appraisers have the authority to bring and maintain necessary action to contest the validity of any rule, regulation, order, directive, or determination of any agency of the state, including disapproval of any part of an assessment roll or a determination of assessment levels.

Position overview

Property appraisers are registered trainee real estate appraisers, licensed real estate appraisers, or certified real estate appraisers who operate within their county under the rules and regulations of the state Department of Revenue as taxing agents.[1][3]

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

Property appraisers may belong to the Florida Association of Property Appraisers, which is a government sector lobbying organization.

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