Flushing Township recall, Michigan, 2009

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An effort to recall four board members of the Flushing Township was initiated in June 2009. Targeted board members include: William Noecker, Scott Minaudo, Mark Purkey and Mike Gardner. The recall effort was defeated on November 3, 2009.[1]

Election results

Recall efforts against four board members of the Flushing Township was defeated.[2]

William Noecker

  • Yes: 1,228 (42.10%)
  • No: 1,689 (57.90%)Defeatedd

Scott Minaudo

  • Yes: 1,129 (38.12%)
  • No: 1,833 (61.88%)Defeatedd

Mark Purkey

  • Yes: 1,164 (39.93%)
  • No: 1,751 (60.07%)Defeatedd

Mike Gardner

  • Yes: 1,211 (40.88%)
  • No: 1,751 (59.12%)Defeatedd


According to the approved petition the reason for the recall is the layoff of five police officers, the end of 24-hour township police coverage and the removal of a police officer from Flushing High School. Recall organizer Kurt Zimmerman said,"Our concern is if we waited longer there would be more damage done," he said. "They've done more harm in the last six months than anyone else has before."[3]

Police report

In late October 2009 the Flushing Township Police Department released a report that said that the department had spent approximately $8,500 in overtime pay since the layoff of one full-time and three part-time police officers. From June - October 2009 police officers have accumulated a total of 190 overtime hours. Sgt. Brian Fairchild said, "There are no huge gains or huge losses with the layoff."[4]

Path to the ballot

Recall supporters have 180 days following the June 17 approval of the petition language to collect sufficient signatures to place the measure on the ballot. A minimum of 1,260 valid signatures are required.[5] In late August 2009 both the county and township clerks certified 1,350 signatures, more than enough to force a recall election.[6]

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