Foes of expanded domestic partnership rights file signatures

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July 25, 2009

OLYMPIA, Washington: On Saturday, July 25, opponents of a new law in the State of Washington that expands domestic partnership rights filed signatures with election officials in the hopes of overturning the law through the state's veto referendum process.

In order to succeed at putting the question on the November 3 ballot, they must have 120,577 valid voter signatures.[1][2]

The new domestic partnership law was slated to go into effect on Sunday, July 26. Since signatures have been submitted, the law will not go into effect, at least until election officials have scrutinized the signatures for validity. If election officials determine that sufficient signatures were filed, the law will not go into effect until after a statewide vote has taken place in which voters approve it. If election officials determine that an insufficient number of valid signatures were filed, the law will go into effect when that determination has been made.[3]

The process of verifying the signatures may take until the last week of August.[2][4]

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