Former Maryland delegate prepared to sue for house seat

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November 14, 2012

By Kristen Horn

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland: Former delegate Tiffany Alston was removed from her seat in the House of Delegates in Maryland after being convicted of theft, and is now prepared to sue to regain her seat, according to her attorneys.[1]

Alston was convicted of stealing $800 from the Maryland General Assembly to pay an employee of her private law firm in June 2012. Following the conviction, Alston agreed to a plea agreement with Maryland State Prosecutor Emmet Davitt.[2]

Alston’s agreement to the plea avoided a trial for a set of separate charges regarding use of campaign funds to pay for some of personal wedding expenses.[3]

The agreement also led to her suspension from her seat in the House of Delegates on October 9 and required Alston to pay the $800 in restitution to the General Assembly and serve 300 hours of community service.[2]

Elected officials are automatically suspended from office in such a case at the time of sentencing according to the Maryland’s state constitution. If a conviction is reversed or overturned, the official is reinstated.[3]

Alston’s lawyers disputed that the interpretation of the Maryland constitution in regards to her “permanent” removal from her seat and announced that they are prepared to sue, if necessary.

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