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Former PA representative sentenced for corruption

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June 19, 2010

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania: On Friday, June 18, former state representative Mike Veon was sentenced to 6-14 years in jail for his role in a scheme that used public resources and legislative employees to do campaign work. Additionally, Judge Richard Lewis ordered him to pay $100,000 in restitution and $37,000 in fines. Veon is the first legislator to be charged in an investigation which has so far seen the arrest of twenty-five current or former legislators and aides. He served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1985-2006.[1]

Also sentenced was Annamarie Perretta-Rosepink, was head of Veon's former district office in Beaver Falls. She received 3-6 months in jail, two years probation, and ordered to pay $25,000 in restitution. She was found guilty of recruiting volunteers for campaigns, conducting political fund-raising on taxpayer time, and profiting from illegal bonuses. Attorneys for both Veon and Perretta-Rosepink said they plan to appeal the decision.


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