Former Rep. sues after being barred from polls

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February 29, 2012


NASHVILLE, Tennessee: On Monday, March 12, former US Rep. Lincoln Davis (D) filed suit in federal court after being denied the opportunity to vote in the March 6 presidential primary. Davis's name was accidentally removed from voter rolls after election officials purged 70,000 registrations.[1]

The purge was intended to target innappropriate or outdated registrations including those of deceased voters and voters convicted of felonies. However, Davis charges that state officials were required by state and federal law to give notice of the impending purge.[2]

Davis' lawsuit is a class-action, including "all similarly situated Tennessee citizens whom the State has illegally purged from the voter roles..." Named as a defendants are the state's Republican Governor and Secretary of State as well as the state Coordinator of Elections.

Officially, the lawsuit seeks to have the purge reversed. However, in a press release on the lawsuit, the Tennessee GOP suggests Davis is "seeking revenge" for his defeat in 2010. Davis, however, insists that the lawsuit is not about himself.[3]

The primary for congressional and legislative candidates will be held on August 8. Early voting in that primary will begin on July 13. The August 8 primary will be the first statewide election to take place under the new redistricting maps. For more information on who is running, how to vote, and where to vote, see the resources linked below.[4]

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