Fort Collins Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance (November 2011)

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A Fort Collins Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance measure was on the November 1, 2011 ballot in the city of Fort Collins which is in Larimer County.

This measure was approved

  • YES 19,227 (52.02%)Approveda
  • NO 17,737 (47.98%)[1]

This measure sought to prohibit dispensaries in the city as well as marijuana growing operations. This measure was brought to the ballot by a petition drive, supporters were able to submit the needed 4,500 valid signatures to get this issue onto the ballot. Supporters of this measure noted that the current dispensaries go beyond their original intent and have made the city a place where it is OK to smoke pot illegally. The County Sheriff was also behind this measure, noting that crime rates have increased around the dispensaries in the city. Opponents to the measure, those who support the dispensaries, noted that it would have been better to have the dispensaries in the city and regulated rather than those who need it getting it from other sources.[2]

Opponents of the ban had raised more than eight times the amount of money than those who support the ban. The group Citizens for Safer Neighborhoods was the main force behind the opposition and had reported raising $84,135 and spending just $59,262. Another group against the ban, Families for Safe, Secure and Regulated Access noted that they had raised $24,754 for their campaign. A total of $108,000 had been raised by opponents of Question 300 while those in favor of the measure had just raised $13,965 for their campaign. While those in favor of the ban acknowledged their lower funds, they stated that they would just keep talking to people and letting them know about the issue and why the measure should be approved.[3]

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